11 Delicious Probiotic Foods Everyone Should Be Eating To Stay Healthy

If you tell someone you’re eating bacteria to stay healthy they’ll look at you like you’re weird, but the good bacteria found in probiotic foods is very beneficial to you. Even if it does sound strange eating live microorganisms, it’s guaranteed you’re consuming some already. Let’s look at the top probiotic foods, and we’ll also cover the main benefits of each one.


The reason we’re starting with yogurt is because most people who know about good bacteria associate it with yogurt. This is not an ideal food to be eating because most yoghurts are loaded with sugar and it is a dairy product.┬áBe sure to read the label to check for active or live cultures, as some yogurts destroy the good bacteria when they’re processed.


Lots of people take their pickles off Big Macs, which is ironic considering it’s one of the only healthy things about them. If you want the probiotic benefits of pickles they must be left to ferment in a salt and water solution, so soaking them in vinegar won’t cut it. It’s a great low calorie snack for those with digestive problems.


Americans are more likely to be seen drinking coffee, but this fermented tea popular in Asia is good for your health. Surprisingly, there are actually very few studies talking about its effectiveness, but everyone is in agreement that the fact it’s fermented with bacteria and yeast means it must have probiotic qualities.


Don’t get too excited about your favorite dairy treat, because good bacteria is only found in certain kinds where it’s able to survive the aging process in one piece. Mozzarella and cottage cheese are some of the most likely to be effective and they’re an amazing source of protein, but you must read the label to know for sure if it has live and active cultures. And don’t get too carried away with cheese,it is not really a health food.


Everyone has heard of the popular Korean dish, but do you have any idea what it actually is? Cabbage is usually the main vegetable used and it’s combined with plenty of spices, but it’s the lactic acid bacteria that helps your digestive health, as well as all the other good health benefits you’ll get from eating probiotic foods. It is amazingly healthy for your body as well..


Sauerkraut is a staple of the Eastern European diet, but everyone should really be enjoying the sour and salty snack. It’s only a helping of cabbage fermented with lactic acid bacteria over a duration of time. Not only is it a probiotic, but it’s also an antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich food. Eat it instead of carrots to improve your eye health.


Vegans won’t be able to enjoy yogurt, but they can eat tempeh as it’s derived from fermented soybeans. It tastes a little nutty and when you eat it your body will be able to absorb more minerals due to it being fermented. The best quality aside from its probiotic ones is the vitamin B12 it contains, because it will mean vegans don’t need to take supplements.


You’ll only have heard of natto if you’re very familiar with Japanese food, because it’s usually only consumed with rice at breakfast. It might be slimy with a pungent odor, but it can improve your cardiovascular health along with lots of other things. Once again, it’s a fermented soybean product like we see in so many other Asian dishes.


The final Asian dish on the list is Miso, which originates from Japan. Although it’s actually a seasoning I’m sure you’re much more familiar with the soup. Just like tempeh and natto, it’s made from fermented soybeans, but it’s also traditionally made with salt and a Japanese fungus. It’s been found to help breast cancer patients, and it can reduce your chances of having a stroke.


Be careful because the buttermilk you’re likely to find in the supermarket is cultured, therefore it won’t contain any good bacteria. You want the traditional buttermilk, which is what you’ll have left over after making butter. Not only does this have probiotic qualities, but it’s packed with vitamins and minerals.


Would you believe kefir is a much better probiotic food than yogurt? You might not because it isn’t well-known, and in case you’re wondering it’s made by combining kefir grains with goat or cow milk. The very potent probiotic can help ward off infections, and it’s great for bones and digestive problems too. If you care about your health, add it to your diet before anything else.

Probiotic Foods Help With Many Things

We know probiotic foods are helpful in so many ways when it comes to the brain and the body. Digestive health is always the main talking point when you hear good bacteria mentioned, but probiotics help everything from your heart to depression. Maybe you’re not eating enough of these foods at the moment, but at least you now know they’re out there waiting for you. another option would be to go for prebiotic foods, but that is for another article

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