How To Naturally Get Rid Off Dark Circles Under Eyes

One thing that will make you look older and ruin your beauty is dark circles under your eyes. There are many cosmetic companies claiming to have the best product to get rid of the dark circles from under your eyes or perhaps they will offer you something to conceal them. Maybe some of them have worked for maybe they haven’t but why spend your hard earned money buying and applying chemicals to your skin when there is a much safer, cheaper natural way to remove those dark circles.

Firstly you need to diagnose why you have them, for the majority of people the reasons will be but not limited to stress, eczema, crying, aging, anemia, oversleeping, excessive salt, excessive drinking, smoking, too much sun exposure, hyperthyroidism and lack of sleep.

There are even some extreme cases in which the dark circles are due to liver disease or hyperthyroidism. These conditions are often accompanied by other symptoms, if you believe you may have one of the conditions please see your doctor.

For most of us the cause of the dark circles will be lifestyle so a good step would be to change your bad habits for some good habits to ensure the problem does not get worse/ goes away. For those of you that already have these dark circles and want to get rid of them asap, it is really simple;

Just Use Baking Soda

Step by step instructions can be found in the video below, enjoy 🙂

Some things to watch out for;

Baking soda is very alkaline, so some people may notice drying and sensitivity.

You may want to try out underneath your chin or some spit not noticeable for a few goes to see weather you have any reaction to it. You could also combine this with a bit of cold press extra virgin organic coconut oil as a natural moisturizer.

There are also many more uses for baking soda that you did not know about check them out here.

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