How To Safely Lose 10 Pounds In One Week

You’re told to lose weight as slowly as possible, and 2 pounds per week seems to be the figure thrown around all the time. Luckily you can launch that advice straight out of the window if you’re desperate, because it’s definitely designed to help you err on the side of caution. Is it safe to lose 10 pounds in one week? That might be a better question to ask as it’s going to have much more of an impact on the way you look. The answer is yes, it is safe under certain conditions, so we’re going to take a look at safe ways to lose 10 pounds in one week now.

A Quick Word Of Warning

It would be easy to starve yourself into losing 10 pounds within a week, but if you’re lucky this would only result in you putting the weight straight back on again. If you were unlucky you could end up developing a full-blown eating disorder and your life would be affected for a long time. If you’re going to do this because you need to lose the maximum amount of weight you can within a week,  I strongly recommend you don’t. You’ve got to do it in the healthiest way possible for the good of your body and your sanity.

3 Rules For Losing Weight Quickly

There are a couple of things you need to get right if you want to lose the amount of weight you have in mind. We’ll discuss each one in a little detail so you’ll know how to get ready for your big week, but be prepared because you won’t be able to do anything about one of them.

• Have The Weight To Lose
• Dedicate Time Towards It
• You Must Be Fit Enough

Have The Weight To Lose

Let’s get this out of the way immediately, because if you’re massively overweight the this is for you however you do not want to keep doing this consistently week after week, you can lose 10 pounds in one week then the next couple of weeks you want to  slow down the weight loss. Whereas if you’re already skinny you will find it impossible to lose weight quickly as there is nowhere to lose it from. You must have a little pudding on your belly if you’re to achieve such a monumental feat.

Dedicate Time Towards It

Don’t try to lose a huge amount of weight if you are swamped with work, because it’s mentally challenging and you won’t be able to handle it. Ideally you’ll have a lot of free time to fully concentrate on dropping all those pounds. It’s still possible to do if you’re living your life as you normally would, but don’t attempt it when you’re going through a stressful week with lots on your plate.

You Must Be Fit Enough

You will have to perform some sort of cardiovascular and resistance training for most of the week, so you need to have a general level of fitness good enough to see you through to the end. This is important because you don’t want to lose all the weight by restricting calories, as it’s a lot more mentally taxing. You’re also trying to lose 10 pounds to change your appearance, and training helps you look a lot firmer instead of saggy.

Eating Plan Suggestion;


Start your day off with a fruit salad and mixed nuts (preferably raw), fruit salad should be about two servings (no dressing, sugar, yoghurt etc.) and one serving of nuts.


A salad containing some starchy carbs like this one for example and lean protein but not too  much. One or two boiled eggs, a small chicken breast or add some chick peas or kidney beans to the salad.


For dinner you want to avoid too much protein and carbohydrates. So a light vegetable soup with a green salad. Or steamed broccoli or leafy green vegetables with a side of green salad. Do not consume anything 3 hours before bed.


Carrot and celery dipped in hummus, a piece of fruit (during the day). Or green salad during the evening.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day especially during exercise.

A few Recommended Diets

A green smoothie diet is a good way to drop 10 pounds in 7 days, think of herbal life. This diet is basically green smoothies for breakfast lunch and dinner.

A juice fast is another option, this diet is a little extreme. What you do is drink fruit and vegetable juice four times a day and drink lots of water. You need a juicer for this one as it works best when you are drinking freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juices.

Xtreme fat loss diet this is the safest option however it falls just shy of 10 pounds in one week, it is more of along term solution boasting 25 pounds in 25 days.


You want to be working out every day during this quick weight loss week, do a combination of weight training and cardio for an hour to an hour and a half a day. Also take the stairs, walk or bike to work etc.

Quick Tips For Dropping 10 Pounds In A Week

What to have for breakfast: Have a glass of water with squeezed lemon juice to kickstart your metabolism when you wake up, and eat fruit instead of a filling meal. It should keep you going until at least lunchtime when you can eat your first meal.

Take advantage of coffee: Ignore this if you don’t already drink stimulants, but coffee acts as an appetite suppressant so it’s a good way to keep hunger at bay. You should obviously stay away from the sugar, and avoid dairy.

Stay away from simple carbohydrates:  Except at breakfast. Hopefully you realize most of the weight you’ll drop in the week will be from water, which isn’t a bad thing because it will still make you look slimmer. Avoiding carbohydrates will help flush the water from your body, whereas any carbs in your body will hold onto water.

Burn more than you’re eating: It does come down to an energy balance at the end of the day, so you must be burning more calories per day than you’re taking in. Just don’t drop them too low until you’re unable to function properly or it will affect your life too much.

Don’t exercise too often: Feel free to do something every day, but don’t spend hours in the gym doing strenuous work. When you combine strenuous exercise with a lack of food you’re likely to fall off the wagon, so get out of the gym as fast as possible and spend your free time relaxing. This will depend on your fitness levels, but basically what I am trying to say is listen to your body and don’t over do it.

Lift heavy weights: People think you burn more calories when you lift lighter weights, but when you lift heavy weights it automatically increases your metabolism for hours afterwards. You’ll also look a lot better once the 10 pounds has finally fallen off your body. On top of that, muscle burns calories even while resting especially sore muscles.

Learn to walk everywhere: Even though it’s counterproductive to spend hours and hours on a treadmill, you should be walking everywhere because it’s not as taxing on your body. All the calories you burn from walking everywhere for the week could add up to more than a few pounds of weight loss.

Eat lean protein: There are lots of foods that will help you feel full for longer, but at least lean protein doesn’t contain many calories. It’s also muscle-sparing so when you’re losing weight quickly it will mostly come from water and your fat stores. Try to go for some vegan sources of protein -peas, lentils and beans.

Turn to vegetable soup: This last tip is possibly the best, and it’s not only because vegetables are good for you. The mixture of vegetables and warm liquid will fill up your stomach, so you wouldn’t be able to eat anything unhealthy if you wanted to. It should be homemade soup and not the kind you buy at the supermarket. This will be your dinner, you want to avoid too much protein and carbs late in the evening.

Is It Safe To Lose 10 Pounds In One Week?

There are obviously safe ways to lose 10 pounds in one week, and everything on the list of tips can be combined together to help you succeed. Don’t forget the rules because you do need to have enough weight to lose, plus you have to be fit and free of as many stressful obstacles as possible. I don’t know what you have planned in a week’s time, but you might like to know how to keep the weight off permanently.

Usually a quick fix backfires because people revert back to their old ways, but you can’t if you want the weight to stay off. You’ll obviously need to increase your calories and possibly reduce your weekly workouts, but do it slowly to stop the water from coming back. It would also help if you stayed away from too many carbs until your body’s had the time to burn the 10 pounds directly from your fat stores.

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