Homemade Beauty Products Using Stuff From The Pantry

Natural Skin Brightening Toner


#Half a cup of lemon juice (fresh is best)

#1 Cup Of Water

#Two thirds a cup of witch hazel

#People with oily skin may want to apply two table spoons of alcohol.


After you have mixed ingredients in a jar, test a small spot under your neck or where it will not be noticed, if you do not have any adverse reactions, first wash your face with a mild cleanser. Apply the toner solution with a cotton pad, sweep upward and outward over your entire face and neck. Let it dry then apply a moisturizer.

How Does it Work?

The witch hazel reduces inflammation and tightens pores whilst the lemon juice lightens skin and reduces blemishes.

Natural Hair Thickener

Castor Oil – This wonderous stuff has many healthy benefits for your body and is a versatile ingredient in many homemade beauty products, it can be taken both orally and topically, but what we will be focusing on is what it can do for your hair, it’s rich in omega 9 which helps to nourish the hair. As an added bonus it also helps with dandruff and the antibacterial, fungicidal and anti inflammatory properties will also help if you happen to have some sort of infection.


Castor oil is very thick so you want to dilute with another oil for this demonstration we are going to use

#3 table spoons castor oil

#1 table spoon coconut oil

#1 table spoon of avocado oil

#A few drops of essential oils if you cannot handle the smell of castor oil


Mix all ingredients together in jar (if it is cold you may need to heat coconut oil to get to a liquid consistency, don’t use a micowave). Now fill a bowl with very hot water and place jar in the hot water, this will make ingredients mix better and easier to work with. Have A lid on the jar so that no water gets inside.

Start off with damp (not wet) hair, dip your fingers in oil solution and massage into hair and scalp for about 5 minutes. Now cover your hair with a shower cap, then wrap your head with a warm damp towel. You will need to keep your head wrapped up for 2- 3 hours, then wash out.


Natural Skin Smoother


#One and a half cups of coconut oil

#One and a quarter cups of sugar

#Three table spoons of lemon or lime juice (fresh of course)


Shave your legs using just coconut oil, massage scrub mixture over freshly shaved leg then rinse and shave again. Rinse with water, dry your legs then use straight coconut oil or what ever lotion you prefer as a moisturizer. Using coconut oil instead of shaving cream is better because it contains no chemicals (extra virgin organic coconut oil). The reason you shave a second time is to remove all the dead skin that your scrub loosened up.


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