7 Natural Brain Boosting Supplements

7 Herbs That Improve Brain Function

Did you now that there are herbs that can boost brain function? Forget the smart pill,mother nature already has what you need to improve your intellectual capacity. Why you probably haven’t  heard of these natural brain supplements is probably because there is little to no money to be made by something that you can grow rather than produce in a lab – something that cannot be patented.

Green Tea


We all know that green tea (not all of them) contains caffeine and caffeine will make you feel mentally sharper, but there is something unique about green tea it has an enzyme called L-theanine. There have been studies showing that both caffeine and L-theanine together can have synergistic effects on the brain.

It has less caffeine than coffee but that can be a good thing as too much caffeine can make some individuals feel over stimulated and have a ‘come down’ afterwards, the come down period will make you feel less alert. Green Tea also has numerous other benefits to the human body.


Asiatic ginseng

Among the many health benefits of ginseng, there have been studies (1,2) showing a slight increase in cognitive abilities although more studies need to be done. The studies showing ginseng’s effects on athletic abilities proved favorable. Ginseng also has the ability to decrease stress and improve your mood.


cacao powder and beans

If you are unfamiliar with Cacao it is the raw form of Cocoa, you can read more about it here. There have been studies conducted on Cocoa showing that the flavanols can increase blood flow to the brain giving an improvement in cognitive functions.

Considering that Cacao is the raw form and nutrients are often lost in the heating process cacao could potentially be more potent than cocoa. Cacao also is rich in magnesium which helps to improve your mood.


Ashwagandha infographicIt is a bit of a mouth full to say, it also goes by the names Indian ginseng, Winter cherry and poison Gooseberry. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for all sorts of different ailments, But what we will be focusing on today is a study demonstrating it’s ability to protect and supplement the brain. Indeed it is an excellent supplement for brain health.

Bacopa Extract

bacopa extract powderAnother powerful medicinal herb that is used in  Ayurvedic medicine. There have been numerous studies showing it’s ability to improve memory and cognitive functions and here is another study exhibiting it’s ability to protect the brain against oxidative stress. It seems like ancient Ayurvedic doctors had a wealth of knowledge on medicinal plants.

Gotu Kola

gotu-kola-leavesGotu Kola is a key herb in Chinese medicine, most people assume that it is a stimulant because of the word’Kola’ in it’s name, in fact it is actually quite the opposite. It actually relaxes you, the yogis use it as a meditation aid. Gotu Kola has been proven to help you sleep, improve your mood, protect against Alzheimer’s and much much more, you can read more about it here.

Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba green leaves on a tree.

Another herb with a weird name, but don’t let the name throw you off, this 250 million year old medicinal herb has numerous health benefits for the brain. There is numerous studies showing that this herb helps improve memory in those suffering with dementia. Still more research needs to be done, this herb has been used for a long time so that gives more credibility to it’s claims. It is also used to improve moods.

This is in no way a complete list, there are many other herbs and ways to improve your brain function. Some of the easiest ways to improve cognitive abilities is to get adequate rest, drink plenty of water, exercise your brain – dont always rely on a calculator, there are numerous ‘brain games’ to play, meditate, avoid neuro toxins such as fluoride, food additives etc.

Improving your health in general will improve your brain function

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