Very Harmful Effects Of Milk The Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Did you know a whopping 65 percent of the entire population lose their ability to digest the lactose in milk at a very young age? You could be living with that inability right now, yet for some reason you don’t believe you’re lactose intolerant even though the odds aren’t in your favor. You believe your body has the ability to digest lactose for the same reason you don’t know all the true harmful effects of milk. The enormously powerful dairy industry have lied to you all these years in order to make money, but today we’re going to look at why it’s not good for your health and actually bad for your bones.

Suffering From A Milk Allergy

Everyone knows how devastating an allergic reaction to peanuts can be, but it’s weird how a milk allergy is the most common in infants and it’s hardly talked about. Milk allergy reactions do range from mild to severe, but sometimes it can cause anaphylaxis which could result in death. (Very rare) Vomiting, wheezing, and digestive problems are more common, but a milk allergy is nothing to be sneezed at. Even if you’re not allergic to milk, there are still a ton of dangers to watch out for.

Your Bone Health Will Suffer

Drink the white stuff and your bones will get strong, because milk contains a lot of calcium. That could quite possibly be the most inaccurate statement in the history of the health industry. Of course you’ll consume lots of calcium, but the milk will then create an acidic environment inside your body. In order to neutralize this acidic build up to send your body back into an alkaline state, it will do so by sucking out the calcium from your bones like a vampire. Drinking milk will actually end up hurting your bones over the years.

Increasing Your Risk Of Fractures

Another one of the most harmful effects of milk is based on the common belief calcium strengthens your bones. You would think with the amount of milk people drink on a daily basis they would have a body more powerful than Superman, but it turns out this isn’t actually the case. Drinking milk puts you at a higher risk of suffering from fractures, and this problem will only get worse as you get older. Keep it in your diet and you could end up with osteoporosis as you age.

Try To Avoid Eating Processed Food

When you drink milk you’re consuming something designed for a completely different species of mammal, and even calves eventually stop drinking milk. If that wasn’t bad enough, you aren’t even drinking raw milk any more. You’re drinking a processed food, which we’ve all been told to stay away from. The cows are filled with antibiotics and synthetic hormones, and you’ll be filling your body with them. Everything the cows are pumped full of is known to increase the risk of some cancers in humans.

A Bigger Risk Of Diabetes

Carbohydrates have a bad reputation due to their ability to cause insulin spikes, but the two proteins found inside milk are very insulinogenic. As soon as you drink a little milk, the proteins will cause the pancreas to produce insulin. It doesn’t sound like the biggest problem in the world until you discover there is a much greater chance of you developing diabetes. In fact, they carried out a study in Finland on a few thousand babies, and they found those given cow milk at an earlier age were more likely to develop type-1 diabetes.

You’re More Likely To Die

One study carried out on the harmful effects of milk found something you should be really worried about. They followed the lives of over a hundred thousand men and women to see what effect milk had on them. The men were tracked over the course of 11 years, and the women were tracked for 20 years which is almost double the length of time. Those in the study who drank more cow milk died at an earlier age. Bare in mind, it wasn’t a small study and the death rate was statistically significant.

Milk Prevents Absorption Of Antioxidants

Do you like adding milk to your berry smoothies or green tea? If you do you really should stop, there has been studies showing that milk inhibits absorption of nutrients from fruit, vegetables and grains not only does milk, especially pasteurized (processed milk) contain harmful toxins they also stop you from absorbing the antioxidants (phytonutrients) that would protect you from those toxins, yet another reason to remove milk from your diet.

You’re Not So Thirsty Now

Now you know the harmful effects of milk, so it’s up to you whether or not you continue to keep drinking it. Don’t forget, we’re the only mammal to consume milk our bodies were not designed to drink. If you’re having any problems with your current diet, you might want to think about omitting milk for a while to see what effect it has on your body. Remember, there is a big chance you’re just not designed to be able to handle milk, so stop punishing your body before it’s too late.

You Can Get Calcium From Vegetables

There are many other sources of calcium, mostly vegetables. The added benefit of getting your calcium from vegetables is that you will also be consuming many other nutrients as well. Consume plenty of fresh organic whole foods!


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