Fight Off The Flu With This Ginger Honey Lemon Tea

This ginger honey lemon tea recipe is not only refreshing but it also helps to rejuvenate your immune system. The lemon juice is full of vitamin c to help strengthen your immune system whilst the ginger is a powerful natural antibiotic and the honey helps to bring the flavors together to make it and enjoyable tea to drink. Best of all this recipe is very simple;


1 Piece ginger root how much will depend on how much you like ginger, Start off with a piece the size of your thumb. Peel it and grate it.

One teaspoon of honey, more if you are a sweet tooth.

A half or whole lemon (to taste) organic is best.

1 cup of filtered water

In a small pot over medium heat, heat the ingredients till they come to boil then simmer for 5 – 10 minutes. Strain the mixture into a mug. Simple as that!

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